Friday, November 16, 2012

Food Allergy News: Kids Allergy Bracelet Giveaway: Day Three, Plus Thanksgiving with Food Allergies

Jessica, G.P. You won this bracelet!
Woohoo! We have a winner for yesterday's kids allergy ID bracelet giveaway (item pictured above) sponsored by Hope Paige Medical IDs.

Jessica G.P.--you are the winner of yesterday's random drawing! Congrats! Contact me with your full name and address so that I can connect you with Hope Paige and you can claim your prize.

Today is the final day of my 3-day kids allergy bracelet giveaway, courtesy of Hope Paige. Pictured below is today's giveaway item: a kids' titanium bracelet in a choice of either black and red or black and white, respectively.
Sporty, with a bold medical emblem. Sweet!

Girls and boys will enjoy wearing this sporty and durable bracelet! This bracelet is NOT adjustable, but will fit comfortably on a wrist that measures between 6 and 6 3/4 inches. PLEASE MEASURE YOUR WRIST to determine the correct bracelet size. NOTE: Medical Symbol position may vary.

The winner receive custom engraving, up to 3 lines, 22 characters per line. See Hope Paige for engraving tips or ask your allergist what should be on your child's medical ID bracelet.

Here's how to enter today's random drawing:
 "Like" Hope Paige on Facebook and/or follow them on Twitter.
Next, add a comment on this blog post. Include your first name and last initial.
The winner will be chosen via a random drawing and announced tomorrow!
Thanks to all of you and to Hope Paige for participating in this giveaway. Medical ID bracelets are so important, and we are happy to raise awareness about the need for these products.

Thanksgiving is nearly here!

Yes, Turkey Day is upon us, and we all need to be prepared, so I want to share my Thanksgiving with food allergies tips. You can have fun AND stay safe. Click the link for more info:
Good luck with the giveaway!!! Come back tomorrow to find out the winner and also: some nut-free Thanksgiving recipes!
See you all tomorrow!


Jody F said...

Dear Jenny,

I could really use this bracelet for my son. It would mean so much. Thanks for all you do for food allergies .

Jody F.

Anonymous said...

I have gotten a wealth of info from your blog. Thanks for your time and dedication to it! Would love the bracelet for my daughter!
Alicia N

Kerri L. said...

Would love one of these for my son! thanks for all the info on your blog!

Susan P said...

Liked and followed. Thank you so much for the chance! My son is finally getting to where he'll wear bracelets. He thinks this one is "way cool"!

TiffinyB said...

Thanks for the chance to win this bracelet!

Donna D said...

Thank you so much for the chance to win one of these! Would love one for my daughter.

Anonymous said...

I added the page, I want to thank you for giving us a chance to win the id braclets. I would love to win one for my son. Christina Bloch

Anonymous said...

My son Daniel would love this bracelet. :-)

Erin W

Amy Bee said...

My peanut/treenut allergic son could really use this SPORTY titanium bracelet since he plays basketball, soccer and wrestling! Looks like a rugged one that will last a long time and help a worried mom out knowing her kid is helping others to be aware of food allergies and keeping him a bit safer.
~Amy Bee

Gabli said...

Would love this for my little one. She has outgrown her bracelet but continues to carry it-although tight.

Erica P. said...

Would love for my son! This is my favorite of the three you've given away!
Erica p.

Karen M said...

Thanks for the chance at winning this bracelet!

Anonymous said...

These are so awesome! My son would love it.

Jen S.

Anonymous said...

Hi Jenny -
Would love the bracelet for my son. I follow your blog and you have lots of great information. Thank you.
Sandy K

On an administrative note, I am signed up for email alerts when you have a new blog entry. I seem to be getting them the next day so there is a day delay. Do you know why that might be? I noticed it when i was a day behind on the bracelet give away.

Anonymous said...

Tara L
Thank you and love the blog

Jenny said...

Sandy K., sorry to hear that. I think that's a issue as my email alerts are automated. Thanks for letting me know!

George Dorer said...

Nice Blog - thanks for the awareness.

Desiree Villanueva said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Desiree V said...

Liked! These are really cool!
Desiree V.

SaraY. said...

Thanks for the chance to win this great bracelet. My very active peanut- and tree nut-allergic son would love this!

Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family!
~Sara Y.

Anonymous said...

Lindsey K

Lisa F said...

Wonderful Id bracelets. Wonderful giveaway. Thank you!

Sandy Sm. said...

This would be a great bracelet for my son. Not too noticeable and doesn't shout peanut allergy so he would wear it.

Anonymous said...

My son would actually wear this! It's so cool!

April S.

Anonymous said...

My son would love this
Candi R.

Jane said...

I used to look forward to a wonderful assortment of creatively prepared dishes by different family members at Thanksgiving. Now, since my cousin's 3 year old son has multiple food allergies, she does not allow anyone to bring food except her mother. Unfortunately neither woman is much of a cook and both use packaged or frozen dishes. The child with allergies eats a diet of hot dogs and French fries.
Please tell me how sweet potatoes, that are cooked in a jacket, a turkey without stuffing or apple sauce (none of which the child would eat) put him at risk.
Yes, food is more important than people. However, we are also people and they have destroyed a part of the holiday thatvso many of us looked forward to anc enjoyed. i think the line between keeping your child safe and food hysteria is blurred. No one intended to being anything containing nuts, peanuts or beans.
If one member has multiple FAs, does that mean that every single dish served has to be allergy friendly or is it acceptable to have foods safe for that person.
Next year I am looking forward to spending the holiday with my husband's family.

Kristy M said...

Thanks for all your great posts!!! Would love another allergy bracelet for my son :)

Anonymous said...

Wonderful giveaway! My DD would really like this. Anna P