Wednesday, January 7, 2015

My Best Advice for Dealing with Food Allergies and a Nut-Free Parenting Guide. Plus, A Blog Update!

 As we journey through 2015, I  wanted to direct you to an article that really resonated with readers. It lists my very best advice for coping with a child who  has life-threatening food allergies, so I hope you take the time to give it a look. Click here for the full article.

When I began this blog in early 2008 I had no idea how it would impact my life and the lives of others. I'm  so grateful for all of you who helped make The Nut-Free Mom blog an award-winning site for parents in our situation. It's hard to believe that when I started this blog, I did it in part because there were very few blogs out there for parents dealing with life-threatening nut allergies. Now that's all changed and I've lost count of how many blogs deal with this subject! I believe I may helped to start a trend. Who knew? :) I sincerely hope that sharing my story and the tips I've learned from practical experience have helped all of my readers.

I  have well over 600 posts on this blog and it's been a treat to write and moderate. But because I know that parents are pressed for time, I published a handy e-book The New Nut-Free Mom, for those of you who want concise information to help you get started on dealing with the sometimes scary and confusing diagnosis of a life-threatening nut allergy for your child. I've been there and my book offers a friendly voice and hard-won experience on dealing with the nut-free life. Easy to read and divided up into short, concise sections, the book has a lot of detailed advice you can use in your everyday life including topics I've never seen covered in other books, such as "What does "nut-free" really mean?"

I'm  proud to say that YOU have made this e-book a continual bestseller on Amazon in the allergy category so thanks to all of you who've purchased my e-book, given a positive review and sent me a personal note telling how much it helped you.

You can find my  e-book by clicking here. It's also available for the Nook, personal computer or iPad. Click here to find more info. In fact it's easier than ever to get my book -- you only need the (FREE) Kindle or Nook app on your tablet or computer. Click here for more info on that.

Now for the update: I will be taking a blog break and I'm not sure for how long. It's time for me to work on some new projects, but the posts on this blog and the info in my e-book is there for you, 24-7.

Thanks again for reading The Nut-Free Mom!


We Can eat said...

Your blog has been really insightful for me and my family. I wish you all the best

Jenny said...

Thank you for you comment -- it means a lot! Best, Jenny

Darla said...

I know we will all miss you while you are on your hiatus. You've been a real big encouragement and help to my family as we are newly peanut/nut free. Thanks for all your time, hard work, and careful research that you put into your posts. Your eBook was so helpful to us! Thank you and enjoy your new ventures!

Kim Lutz said...

You have been such a resource to our family and so many other like us -- families trying to keep our children in safe in this allergy-filled world. You have provided this corner of the world with such sunshine and joy! I wish you all the best in your endeavors! xo Kim

Jenny said...

Hi Darla! Thanks so much for your comments and I'm so glad you found my ebook to be helpful to you! That is wonderful to hear.

Best, Jenny

Jenny said...

Hi Kim,

Thanks for the kind words -- they mean the world to me! Thank you, thank you and right back at you! :)
Best, Jenny

Jennifer B said...

Jenny, Hope you have a happy & healthy 2015! Can't wait to read your other writing. Please keep us posted! Best, Jennifer B

Zavier Arcand said...

Not a parent (and never want to be), but this is a great blog and very informative. I have shared with friends who are parents though! Thanks!

richiesbabe said...

Perhaps this post can add inspiration for future newbies like I once was :) :) :)

It's been a hard road to walk, and I am thankful for sites like yours. Enjoy your time!


Be Very Afraid of Church---dropping off your nut-free kid to nursery for the first time---super frightening!

Gratefulfoodie said...

Hi Jenny, just checking in to say hello and I hope your blog break is good and that you are doing well.

Jenny said...

Hi there, thanks for checking in! I'm working on some really fun new writing projects and making a lot of progress. Hope things are well with you, too!