Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Hello, it's me...Here's an update about what's going on with The Nut-Free Mom

Hello, it's me...thanks to Adele for that opening. :)

It's been quite awhile since I last posted. I've been working on a fiction project that is soon coming to fruition and have begun two new ones. These new projects, along with my family responsibilities, have not left me with much time to blog, but I'm happy to know that many of you still get good info from my past blog posts and articles.

My daughter is now 16 and is doing a great job of managing her food allergies. She's enjoying theater in high school and is becoming quite an accomplished actress and singer.  She even traveled to California (from Illinois) with a group of friends (and yes, some adults) last summer and I'm happy to report that she handled things really well.

All the things I've talked about on this blog over the years have been effective as she goes out in the world and lives life. The time I've spent teaching her about allergies and learning how to work with them -- it's not been in vain. I trust her to handle herself in pretty much any situation right now and that's not something I knew for certain I'd ever be able to say, when she was diagnosed with life-threatening nut allergies at age 4.

Which brings me to the reason for my post. While I was in fiction writing mode, I decided to update my e-book The Nut-Free Mom. The updated version is now up on Amazon and you can also download to your computer or tablet -- or even your iPhone.

The cover and interior format have been updated -- the interior in particular looks fantastic, thanks to a great book template and my techie husband. I've updated old links, added some new sections and just give the entire book a face lift.

Here's what hasn't changed: This book is still a great place to begin your nut-free journey. There is so much info out there -- how do you know what's real or what to trust? I live this nut-free parenting life so I know what is important to know and what are the right questions to ask. I have sifted through a lot of misinformation to offer you the info I think will help you the most.

If you already bought my book, the updated version should already be in your device so no worries. If you haven't bought it, now is a great time. In addition to the changes, the price has also changed.

I hope you will wish me well as I get ready to launch my fiction project.

As always, thanks for reading, commenting and supporting this blog. I hope you enjoy the updated version of The Nut-Free Mom e-book.

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