Sunday, May 11, 2008

Food Allergy Awareness Week!

May 11 is the beginning of Food Allergy Awareness Week. This is a great time to thank all the people that help your child with their food allergies. You can also use this time to spread awareness to those around you, whether it's reading a story to your child's class, talking to the school principal about ways to make the cafeteria safer or making an "allergen-free" treat.

Education is key. So don't hesitate to tell other parents, restaurant workers, family members and neighbors about how to handle food allergies. When everyone has the info, they're more likely to help and to ask questions about how to keep food-allergic people safe.

Every resource on the list to the right of this page has done a great job in helping spread enlightenment about food allergies. If you have others, I'd love to hear about them.

What have you done to help spread awareness? If you think back, you've probably done more than you realize. What has made a positive difference as cope with your child's food allergies? Be sure to post and let us know what's worked for you and your family.


Anonymous said...

Happy Mother's Day, Jenny!

:) C

Anonymous said...

I just found out my son has a peanut and an egg allergies. Glad to know that others are out there paving the way.

I have a lot of research to do concerning nut free/egg free products, restaurants, and how to have the neighbors educate their children about not to "feed" my son or touch him if they ate PB & or anything that came in contact with peanuts/nuts. How do you tell a 6 year old that??

We have 30 kids on our street and ALL love my 19 month old (they have been ringing the door bell since he was 2 weeks old to play with him- lucky me). It kills me with fear and I only pray to god that the love for this little boy from the neighborhood kids will protect him.

If you can give me a crib sheet for a resource for the products/restaurants, that would be fabulous!

Thanks again for being here

Shannon B. said...

Great blog! I'm trying to raise awarness about nut allergies and peanut allergies at my job! I work for Zeer, a food & grocery community. We have product communities for allergic people, parents, people with green or organic lifestyles, etc.

People can search through our database to find out if our products have peanuts in them or not. I also take the time to write about allergies or special lifestyles on the Zeer blog.

I think it's awesome that blogs like yours are reaching out and creating a community to create awareness about food allergies. I hope our site can join in helping people get better information about foods that are safe for allergic people to eat!

Jenny said...

I wanted to take the time to respond to a few of these comments.

First of all, Shannon B, thanks for posting. I checked out the Zeer site and saw that you have a discussion board for peanut allergy. That's so great and I'm really encouraged when I see grocers trying to address food allergies.

Also, I got a comment from anonymous and you had some really good questions about keeping your allergic son safe among the neighbors and also at restaurants.

I have posted some tips on dealing with restaurants here on my blog if you'd like to check the archives, but please feel free to e-mail me. I'd be happy to share tips with you. Also, FAAN ( is a wonderful resource. And, never underestimate the information you can get from your allergist. Mine has been a huge help with the restaurant problem. All restaurants are different so you need to keep on your toes.

Finally, I plan to devote a blog entry to the whole "neighbor kids"and keeping your kids safe issue since I am soon moving with my family to a new block. Stay tuned!