Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Still No News...Quick Summer Update!

Due to the posts I received, I can see I'm not alone in my frustration with regard to food labels. Jennifer B of Food Allergy Buzz was exactly right when she suggested the "gourmet retailer" had the initials W & S in their name!!

I have sent them a follow-up e-mail and am waiting for a response.

Now, to be a complete "motherly type" I want to remind everyone about the fact that school is starting soon (I know, I know! Like you need reminding ...) and we all need to update our EpiPen prescriptions. My daughter needs several at school and several at home and a bunch of her Epis just expired. So I thought I would give a little reminder to all of you.

Luckily, I have so many that we're covered. And for everyone that has moved, like me, don't forget the new Medic Alert bracelet with updated info. My daughter's new school requires one, in fact. (A good thing, I think.)

OK, that's all for now. I'm on a writing deadline!


Unknown said...

This is not directly related to the subject of your last post, but since you mentioned Medicalert bracelets, I am wondering if you (or any Nut-Free Mom readers) can recommend a style of Medicalert bracelet that is not too itchy. We initially went with the standard metal one but that wasn't very comfortable--too hard especially during naps occurring in the car! The fabric ones seems to cause itching which is trouble enough with the eczema already. Does anyone have any recommendations?

Karen said...

Medical Alert Bracelets are free for school aged children in Canada.

Jenny said...

Hey Jennifer B--

I was checking into this myself today. I came across this site: americanmedical-id.com.

It is not the Medic Alert company, but they do make allergy bracelets for kids that are not metal. They have several colors of fabric "sports bands." I'm going to try this myself since my daughter was also bothered by the metal bracelet at times. Check it out and see what you think!--Jenny