Friday, October 31, 2008

Have a Happy, Allergy-Free Halloween!!!

Today can be a scary day for those of us who have food-allergic kids, but we can still have a great time. I'm having a Halloween Open House for our new neighbors tonight and my daughter is really looking forward to that. Forgive me if this is short---I've got Guacamole with Monster Eyeballs (olives) to prepare!

If you decide to go Trick or Treating, just remember to bring two bags--one for the obviously nutty stuff like Snickers and Reese's and one for the possibly safe candy you can sort out later. We usually end up pitching most of the candy and sending it to my husband's office or giving it away to friends and my daughter doesn't mind--she just likes dressing up and going out. Plus, she gets a goody bag filled with Vermont Nut Free Halloween chocolates--and let me tell you, that stuff is good.

Also, if you have a FAAN Trick or Treat for food allergy box, don't forget to bring it along! Even if you don't Trick or Treat, consider sending a donation to FAAN--clearly, we still need a lot of education and research regarding food allergies.

Carry your EpiPens and be prepared, but most of all have fun! And if you decide to skip Trick or Treating, you can still have fun with non-food activities like age-appropriate Halloween movies and games.

Whatever your family is up to today, I hope you have a great, SAFE time. Please be sure to share your Halloween stories with us! I hope they're only scary in a good way!


Elaine at Matters of the Heart) said...

Love the new blog look....

We just got our first box from Vermont, and it is great...Yummy.

Hope you guys had fun tonight. The girls look very cute. And your new haircut looks cute..

Kelsey said...

This year our daughter got a bunch of Vermont nut free goodies from her grandparents and then we let her trade all her other candy for a DVD and a book - she wasn't too sorry to see the candy go!

Jenny said...

Thanks Elaine! :) I have to head over to your site--I'm sure you've got cute pics up there of Halloween.

I'm always glad to hear that people have discovered Vermont Nut-Free. And I love the "switch the candy for non-edibles" idea that Kelsey suggested. We've done stuff like that in the past and it's a big hit.