Saturday, November 29, 2008

My Letter to the Editor in the Chicago Tribune

First of all, I hope that everyone had a joyous, allergy-free Thanksgiving.

I just wanted to share that my letter to the editor was printed today in response to the Chicago Tribune's recent food allergy/labeling investigative report.

Click here to read my letter in full. It's about halfway down the page, with the title "Food labels."

So far only two responses to the food allergy report were printed, but mine was one of them!

I'm glad they shared my side of the argument and I would urge all of you to write to your local papers if you agree--or don't agree--with food allergy stories that you read. The more of our voices that are heard, the better!


Unknown said...

Good for you, Jenny! And well-done too. Thank you!

Anonymous said...

Well written. Not too pushy but get the point across. I hope people out there are reading it. Thanks!
I did, talked to and wrote to my local grocery store (County Market) manager and the main office (somewhere out there)last winter. This is the time many ignorant stores put out bins and bins of nuts/peanuts. Our store here put out a huge peanut table last year.
Of course they do not care - small town again,as I like to blame how close-minded some people are here.(not all)
I stopped shopping there and only go in if I need something that was not sold anywhere else in this tiny town. Few weeks ago, I went by where the open bins are, and this time, they were not in the bin, but in the original cardboard boxes, still wide open as the customers scoop out as many nuts as they like.
Well, as I past by in disgust, I could not help but notice that on every side of that cardboard box, it's marked: " ALLERGEN HAZARD"
So, the manufacture is doing its job in this case, but the store - DOES NOT CARE.
By the way, Jenny, I have a question for you. Are tree nuts dangerous like peanuts in terms of air borne hazard?
We were at Walmart this week, they usually are very good at handling allergen, but this time, they did set out tree nuts open cases.

Allergic Girl® said...

amazing advocacy jenny! brava!!

Anonymous said...

this is awesome!!!! so happy it got printed!!!

Jenny said...

Thanks everybody for your support, as always!

I know that all of you are doing an amazing job with the advocacy that you all do and I'm flattered by your encouragement. :)

With regard to the airborne tree nuts question--I know what you mean about those open bins of nuts at the store. I hate those, too, and I keep my daughter far away.

As far as airborne concerns for tree nuts, I think that depends on the individual and also the situation. If there is a lot of nut dust in the air and a child/adult with allergies gets close to that, it may bother them. If the nuts are just out in the bin and sitting there, I think you're OK. Either way, I think that risk for a reaction is pretty low. Of course, as I tell everyone, if you are concerned about any potential allergic reactions, please ask your doctor to advise you! :)