Monday, February 9, 2009

Home Free Allergy-Free Treats!

Recently I was contacted by Home Free and I got the opportunity to try some delicious peanut-, tree-nut- egg- and dairy-free treats from Home Free, formerly Gak Snaks.*

If you haven't tried Home Free, you really should. Not only are the foods free of many allergens and made in a dedicated facility, but they're made of whole grains and carry the Whole Grain Council's stamp of approval. Allergy-free and you don't even have to feel guilty about serving them to your kids--what's better than that?

Along with organic cookies, you can also find organic coffee cakes, a baking cookbook and allergen-tested baking ingredients at the Home Free web site.

Home Free treats do not contain peanuts, tree nuts, eggs, dairy or wheat. Some products do contain soy lecithin.

I know that many of you need dairy-free, nut-free chocolate chips. I tried Home Free's semi-sweet chocolate chips and I honestly couldn't tell that they were allergy-free--they tasted delicious. Also, the Mini Chocolate Chip Cookies (pictured above) disappeared in a flash. My nut-allergic daughter loved them and said they tasted like "Chips Ahoy" to her. Believe me, that's a huge compliment! I loved their crunchy texture and chocolaty taste so much that I gobbled a bunch of them down while writing one day without realizing it! That's one danger of finding an allergy-free source that you really like.

The Soft Oatmeal Cookies were wonderful also, as were the Chocolate Brownie Cookies that my daughter brought to school to show off to all of her friends.

As my daughter said "It makes me feel good to know that someone has a bakery that's safe for me." I agree 100%!

If you'd like to order Home Free treats online or get more information about their product line, visit this link.

*Please note: I received no financial reimbursement for this review of Home Free. All the opinions are my own!


Unknown said...

Jenny, Homefree's cookies are yummy! What a great product to talk about! We noticed they are a dollar cheaper at Whole Foods than they are at nearby Shaw's Supermarket, so we stocked up on them. I think they were $3.69 each. One of the great things for us is that they are Kosher too, so we can share them with all our preschool classmates!

Jenny said...

You're right--I just checked the materials. Home Free is kosher as well!

Just one more added benefit of these yummy treats.

Allergic Girl® said...

i love these cookies!

Unknown said...

I reviewed HomeFree cookies in my Jan. 5, 2009 Monday Review. I was really impressed with the taste of these cookies!

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