Thursday, March 5, 2009

Peanut Survey--More Probs with the Link!

Hi everybody,

Well, this is certainly the most frustrating link I've ever been sent! :)

Try pasting the link (that I list in my previous post from yesterday) directly into your browser. That may do the trick.

If anyone has the answer to this weird technical difficulty, please let us know. The meeting takes place this Friday! Thanks for trying everybody--give it another go, if you can!


Kelsey said...

For those on facebook, the link finally worked for me when I used it from the "You Don't Need Nuts to Fly" group! Hope that helps some folks.

Jenny said...

Thanks for the Facebook tip--I also have the link on my Facebook page.

Other bloggers have been telling me that the link doesn't work for them, either.

That has to be affecting how many are able to respond--too bad!

Jake said...

Here's the "via Facebook" link:

Unknown said...

Please try this link:

This is slightly different than the one that was sent in the e-mail, and should work better.


Anonymous said...

Hi Jenny! I had to go through my facebook link to take the survey as well, but it finally worked. Thanks for posting!

Jenny said...

kelly, I hate giving you guys "links to nowhere" but it looks like this time it was an outside problem.

Thanks for the perseverance!! :)