Tuesday, April 21, 2009

A "Green" Approach to Your Food-Allergic Child's School Lunch

At the FAAN conference last Saturday, I had the pleasure of meeting Felice Farran, a mom of 2 school-aged boys with nut allergies. She also happens to be the co-owner of a company called Litter Free Lunch.

As moms of kids with food allergies, we are all very familiar with packing school lunches! Felice is concerned about the environment as well as her child's food allergies and she couldn't find a decent, earth-friendly alternative to paper napkins for her kids' lunches. So she came up with the idea of offering washable cloth napkins that are perfect for taking to school. The company also has an organic line. Check out their growing product selection at http://www.litterfreelunch.com/.

Many of us will appreciate the "green" aspect of offering washable napkins, and if your child has food allergies, these have a dual purpose. You can ask your child to spread them out on the cafeteria or picnic table to offer an extra layer of protection from allergenic foods that may have been there before. Plus, you'll save $$. Besides being wasteful, paper napkins are expensive!

In honor of Earth Day, Litter Free Lunch is offering a special discount. From now until midnight on Friday, April 24th, all of their napkins, including organics, will be 15% off. Just use the coupon code EARTHWEEK when checking out.

It was great to meet Felice and learn about her company. I wish her the best and hope you'll stop by her site!

Disclaimer: My comments are based on personal opinion; I received no compensation for my endorsement.


Elaine at Matters of the Heart) said...

Oh that is such a great idea. I really like it, thank you for sharing.

Unknown said...

Very interesting! Thanks for sharing! Glad to hear about the FAAN conference too. I'll be going to the Tarrytown one in May.