Friday, May 29, 2009

BBC News Report: Nut Allergies Increasing Among Asian Children

Here's an interesting new report: The BBC reports that nut allergies appear to be increasing rapidly among Asian children in London. Of course, no one is quite sure why. It seems that nut allergies are increasing among all ethnic groups, even groups that include nuts as a major part of their diet.

I find this interesting because so many theories are floating out there--does not giving kids tree nuts and peanuts early in life cause nut allergies? Does introducing them too soon cause nut allergies? Some people say that the way peanuts are processed in the West has something to do with the increase in nut allergies. Who knows?

I'm sorry to see nut allergies spreading anywhere--it looks like no group is immune from them. Maybe we'll see a cure faster if more of the population becomes affected. I hope so.

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Julia Grashoff said...

It was just a matter of time. Personally, I think that genetic modified foods are to blame for the rising of allergies. I am from Brazil and over there people are not as exposed to GMF as we are and you don't see this allergy pandemic over there.

As for these new studies about introducing nuts earlier or later, I think it is all too confusing but I agree with you: maybe we will see a cure faster as the numbers increase. And they will...