Thursday, June 11, 2009

Allergy-Free Food Deals!!!

I just found out about two great allergy-free food deals going on right now. Enjoy Life Foods are now 10% off at Peanut Free Planet. Just type in code Enjoy10off at checkout. Many of you are Enjoy Life junkies already, but for those not in the know, they feature tons of allergy-free foods including snacks, chocolate chips, cookies, crackers and much more. I just posted about stocking up on summer snacks so what about giving them a try? The sale ends June 30th.

Also, Sweet Alexis Bakery ( has a great "Starter Pack" deal going on for a limited time. You can purchase a huge slew of wonderful baked goods including banana bread, decadent chocolate cake, muffin varieties, cookies and more for just $29.99. The regular Starter Pack price is $46.50 so that's a great savings! I've personally tried these products and they're delicious! Save yourself some wear and tear and skip turning on the oven while you enjoy these treats.

Bon appetit, allergy-free!


Elaine at Matters of the Heart) said...

I just tried the enjoy life chocolate chips for the first time. We really liked them. Thank you for passing the code on.

allergist said...

I love cakes,any kind of cakes!