Friday, October 16, 2009

Organic, Allergy-Free Halloween Candy and Recipes from Surf Sweets!

For kids with nut allergies, candy like gummy worms and jelly beans are usually off-limits due to cross-contact warnings on the package. That's a bummer because so many Halloween-themed recipes this time of year make use of these two popular candies.

Well, I was really happy to learn about a relatively new (founded in 2008) Chicago-area candy company that makes gummy worms and jelly beans that are free of the top 8 allergens--Surf Sweets! The best part, besides being allergy-free, is that these candies are also naturally sweetened and made with natural, organic ingredients. Plus they are free from artificial colors and flavors! Awesome. Also, Surf Sweets are made in the U.S. in a dedicated, nut-free facility. Even better.

According to their press release, Surf Sweets are available in mainstream grocery stores across the U.S. and Canada and they are also found in natural foods stores and at online retailers including Peanut-Free Planet.

To get some ideas about Halloween-themed treats you can make using Surf Sweets, check their website for a video demonstrating how to make Popcorn Candy Worm Cake, Mummy Gummys and Witch's Cauldrons. Room Moms and Treat Moms, take note.

I know I'll be sending some of these to the class Halloween party. Not only are they safe for nut allergies, but they are also good for the other students in my daughter's class who have multiple food allergies, including dairy.

Anyone else found some good allergy-free candies for Halloween that they care to share with us? Let me know.


tamar said...

Check out if you are looking to make an allergy-free and planet friendly Halloween. My husband started YummyEarth to make treats for our kids without yucky chemical ingredients. We have lollipops and drops in 21 flavors and just launched YummyEarth Organic Gummy Bears and Worms. You can find us at, Whole Foods, Toys R Us and other chain and local stores.

Jamie Stern said...

Hi Jenny,
I have an online store for people with food allergies...and I put together some of my favorites from Glee Gum, Candy Tree and Cookies..for Me?
Feel free to take a look:

Jamie Stern