Sunday, February 7, 2010

Nut-Free Info for Cake Mate

I get a lot of questions about safe, nut-free cake and cookie decorations such as "sprinkles." Especially in the last few weeks, you all want to know about sprinkles! I guess everybody is doing a lot of baking at the moment.

I have used Cake Mate products (made by Signature Brand) for years. I've called them in the past about possible nut allergens and was advised that their labels would reflect this. This does seem to be the case; however, in response to several comments and e-mails I've received recently, I contacted them again for an official list of items to avoid.

The good news is that most sprinkles (with a few exceptions; see below) and other Cake Mate decorations such as holiday or birthday-themed cake and cupcake decorations are "safe" for nut allergies. That said, please check the labels each and every time.

The following is a list of Cake Mate items to avoid. The items listed below either contain nuts or were processed on lines that many contain nuts. Don't use them:

Marble Mixins
Parlor Perfect
Cake Make Fruit Flavored Decor
Cake Mate 26 oz Rainbow Sprinkles (UPC code--5210032626)
Cake Mate 26 oz Chocolate Sprinkles (UPC code--5210030247)

Also, the Cake Mate rep reminded us to always read the labels for any ingredients updates or line changes.

You can also call the company Helpline for more info: 877-726-8793. The line is open M-F, 8-5, CST.


Unknown said...

Buenooooo !!!

un beso

Heather said...

I just spoke w/Cindy at Signature Brands. She said the only product made with peanuts are the marble mix-ins. If anything else is run on that line, it will state it on the packaging now. Anyone else receive that information recently??

Jenny said...

This sounds like a recent change...maybe they were getting a lot of calls about this. In fact, I'm sure they were. We are a growing consumer voice, so expect more changes from your favorite stores and brands.

Anonymous said...

Not sure if my comment went through yesterday. Haven't found Cake Mate - does anyone know where to buy and did anyone get the answer on if they label "made in a factory with nuts"? Thanks!

Theresa said...

Can anyone tell me if the cake mate sugar sprinkles are safe for people with nut allergies? They come in a container with four colors: blue, pink, yellow and purple. The ingredient list does not have an allergen warning but I am a very paranoid mother of a peanut allergic son. I tried calling the company but they were closed. Any help or comments much appreciated :)

Jenny said...


See my blog post above about safety of Cake Mate sprinkles with regard to peanut and tree nut allergies. According to the Cake Mate rep I contacted, only the list I have above in bold type is unsafe for nut allergies.

Otherwise, as I and other readers have noted, an allergy advisory warning will be on the ingredients label.

LindaLou said...

I just called Cake Mate using the phone number you posted to ask them if I could use the sugar crystals to top some scones - in other words, was it safe to bake w/these crystals. They are! So, they will top some scones that I'm making today. Thanks for posting the number?