Monday, June 21, 2010

Kane County Cougars go Peanut Free and More Peanut Free Baseball

Summer is in full swing and at this time of year I get many questions from readers about peanut free baseball games. If you're in Illinois, mark your calendars for the Kane County Cougars--they are completely peanut-free on July 14th! Visit their web site for more details.

In addition, Jennifer B of Food Allergy Buzz has a list of current peanut-free baseball games on her sister site. Click the link to discover who is having peanut-free games and/or sections and when these games are.

Many major league teams now offer peanut-free games and/or designated seating including the Minnesota Twins, Arizona Diamondbacks and the Boston Red Sox. Unfortunately, the Cubs and the White Sox do not have peanut-free days yet, but I did read that the Cubs' new owners are looking into this. I hope they do--I contacted them about this recently and am going to follow up. If you live in Chicago, feel free to contact them about peanut-free baseball as well. Peanut shells litter Wrigley Field and it's currently pretty tricky for allergic fans to attend their games.

If you are baseball fans, support these peanut-free days by showing up whenever possible! Going out to the ball game is a fun family activity and we'd love to see more peanut-free sporting events. What's going on with peanut-free sports in your community? Let us know.


Unknown said...

I LOVE that the Kane County Cougars are doing this! We were at a Cubs game on Father's Day and had to leave as my daughter was beginning to have a severe reaction to the peanut dust in the air. It was very scary and disappointing. I wrote to the Cubs, and received a very nice response indicating that they are, indeed, working on a solution for those with peanut allergies (Go Cubs!). We also started a Facebook campaign to encourage them in doing so. If anyone would like to check it out, the support is welcome!!/pages/Chicago-Cubs-Fans-for-Peanut-Free-Baseball/117584061619677?ref=ts

Anonymous said...

Unfortunately, I cannot recommend going to a Cougars game. Last night I was there with a group of Cub Scouts, and their families.
The first inning I had to ask a man behind me to please refrain from using foul language.
The other kids around were loud, obnoxious, very rude.
By the end of the game, I had a run-in with their father, (at this time, now drunk). I will never take my group of scouts, or my family to that venue. Yes, 1 instant doesn't reflect the whole, but I will not put kids or my family in a situation that is anything but "safe" and clean.

Jenny said...

Hi anonymous--not sure from your comment if you're dealing with nut allergies--I was talking about peanut-free baseball and the fact that kids with allergies could safely attend. What you're talking about is another kettle of fish. Loud, obnoxious, rude and drunk people at sporting events are kind of par for the course, no? At least the ones I've been to with the exception of Chicago Bulls games. But baseball and football unfortunately seem to bring out the bad language and drinking. Obviously we don't want kids exposed to various language and behaviors but my post was really about peanut-free. Sorry you had such a bad time.