Monday, January 31, 2011

Food Allergy News: Enjoy Life Foods Cookies, Now Even Tastier!

I was so excited when Enjoy Life Foods contacted me recently about their new cookies, complete with new packaging! My headline directly quotes the cookie boxes with its "Now Even Tastier" text, and it's easy to see what they're talking about. I pretty much had to wrestle the box of Lively Lemon Cookies away from my youngest daughter. Yes, they're THAT GOOD. You can even smell the delicious lemon aroma the minute you open the box.

We also sampled Snickerdoodles and Double-Chocolate Brownie cookies, the latter made even more amazing by the addition of Enjoy Life's dairy-free, nut-free chocolate chips. Snickerdoodles have all the wonderful cinnamon flavor and chewy texture you love, but with none of those pesky food allergens.

My whole family thought that each flavor of these delightful cookies were packed with flavor and that they had a great, chewy "soft baked" texture. Enjoy Life cookies cater to several different food allergies and intolerances, but you would never know they are "allergy-friendly" just based on taste alone. Plus, each is made with wholesome, natural ingredients so they're better for your kids than many other cookie brands out there.

The other thing that's great for kids with nut allergies is that all Enjoy Life products are created in dedicated, nut-free facilities. So you never have to wonder "Is this safe?" because it is. No cross-contact issues here, folks, so all you have to do is savor the cookies without worry.

I am always happy to hear about a new or improved Enjoy Life Product and I will be buying these again and again. I also recommend these cookies to my daughter's class and Girl Scout Troop meetings because NONE of the "Top 8" food allergens are present in these cookies and they also contain no sesame or sulfites. They're good for just about any allergy--and they taste good. A difficult combination to find, but Enjoy Life definitely achieves that here.

Please click this link to learn more about Enjoy Life and their fabulous line of products. You can also click the link to get some money-saving coupons!

Note: I was not compensated for this review, other than a few cookie samples!


Banana_Grl said...

As someone with a tree nut allergy, I love Enjoy Life's products ... I especially love the snickerdoodle cookies, the trail mix and their granola bars :)

Lindsay said...

I love Enjoy Life! I'm eating their Gingerbread Spice cookies right now, in fact. :) On a side note: are any of the Girl Scout cookies safe for people with PA/TNA? I've assumed not, but never looked into it.

Diana said...

This is great information. I found a few places by me that may carry the brand. Thanks :)

Jenny said...

Hi Lindsay, Girl Scout cookies are clearly marked as to allergen info. They are made in several different facilities, so always check the labels. They may differ depending on what part of the country you live in.

Currently, we can serve Thin Mints, Samoas and Trefoils to our nut-allergic daughter. Trefoils (shortbread) recently changed their label and they no longer contain nut allergy warnings.

Hope this helps!

Lindsay said...

Thanks for the info on GS cookies!

Alina said...

We're so excited you like the cookies guys! We are also coming out with 6 NEW products for you to try (they should be appearing on your store shelves soon). Check them out!

- Alina
Marketing Associate
Enjoy Life Foods