Monday, February 28, 2011

The Award for Best Food Allergy Performance Goes To....

With the Academy Awards on TV just yesterday, it got me thinking about people in our lives that deserve the award for "Best Performance in Dealing with a Food Allergy."

As parents of kids with food allergies or adults dealing with food allergies, we can be faced with negativity at times. We've discussed this on this blog and also on my Facebook page (where I also asked readers to chime in on their "best food allergy performance" award-winners). However, most of us have those special people in our lives who go above and beyond for us. Or maybe we are impressed by our kids and how they handle their challenges.

In a previous post I discussed why I would give my daughter a "Best Food Allergy Performance" award. I am lucky that there are so many people in my life who support her and me even though sometimes dealing with food alleriges is inconvenient and even stressful for people. I'm thinking of my youngest daughter and how she is extremely careful about foods on behalf of her big sister and always is looking out for her. I'm thinking of my husband and how cautious he has become with regards to food, so that I feel truly supported and don't have to do all of the work myself.

Even more special, I'm thinking of the friends we have made who go out of their way--literally--to provide safe foods for my daughter. One of her friends even served "made in a nut-free facility" cupcakes at her own birthday party--just so my daughter could participate in the birthday treats. I'm thinking of the moms and dads who watch over my daughter during play dates and parties. I'm also thinking about the teachers who showed us empathy and did what they could to ensure that we could send our daughter into their classroom with confidence that she would be well.

I'm sure many of you have those special people in your lives, so be sure to thank them for all they do. Who would you nominate for "Best Food Allergy Performance" in your life and why?


Melinda said...

I have one friend that I would give the award to. Not because she provides safe treats (my son is 2, so I handle all food myself still), but because of all my friends, she's the only one that doesn't roll her eyes at me when I am working hard to keep my son safe. She takes me seriously, and listens to me. She has also asked questions about his allergies, and never seems to forget what I've told her about them. In the year since learning of my son's allergies, having a least one friend that doesn't act like I'm crazy has been a huge relief. For that I will be forever grateful for her :)

Abby said...

I know I'm late to this but I wanted to mention my friend also. Several of my friends have been supportive of my 3 yo son who has had allergies since he was born. They all willingly wash their hands when they come in my home and make sure their kids do, too, all without reminders. But this friend in particular has gone to lengths to make my son feel welcome. Because he was so young and still putting everything in his mouth I kept him away from birthday parties and others' houses in general until he was old enough to understand not to do that. This friend has a daughter just his age who just had a birthday. She knows how much I worry about my son in foreign environments and she scrubbed her house (main level) from floor to ceiling for a week before her daughter's party, just so my son could attend. He was thrilled to go to his first party ever. She saved all the food business for the very end and warned us when it was coming so we could scoot out before then (he has too many allergies and other issues that staying to eat was not an option). I am still so grateful she went to such lengths so make him feel welcome and safe in her home. Thank you Ethel!!