Friday, September 23, 2011

Nut-Free Chocolate from Dean's Sweets!

Dark, delicious, NUT-FREE chocolate truffles. Does this sound good to anyone right about now? If so, then you will want to check out Dean's Sweets, a nut-free chocolatier I recently had the good fortune to discover.

Run by a couple who decided to go the nut-free route to accommodate the increasing number of allergy sufferers, Dean's Sweets offers elegant hand-dipped chocolate truffles that are completely nut-free. This is pure chocolate decadence and the chocolate truffle flavors such as Cayenne, Ginger, Champagne and even Rum remind me of the movie "Chocolat" where a French chocolatier created unusual and deeply delicious chocolates that made people happier than before.

These truffles are for sophisticated palates, so nut-allergic adults will enjoy the indulgence. I sampled an incredible assortment that included all of the flavors above as well as Cinnamon, Maple, Stout, Coffee, Raspberry, Milk Chocolate and even Lemon Apricot Chevre. For fall, Dean tells me that they will be offering a Pumpkin chocolate truffle as well. Perfect for the harvest season!

My kids really enjoyed the more kid-friendly flavors and my husband I were delighted with the more "adult" flavors. I also loved the sea salt chocolate caramel truffles. If you like salty sweet chocolate treats, these are heavenly.

To find out more, including how to order, please visit their website!


Tamy said...
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Lindsay said...

I just looked at the Dean's Sweets website today! YUMMY! I definitely want to order a few boxes. Thanks for sharing info about this company. :)