Thursday, December 8, 2011

Does my baby have food allergies? My article in Chicago Parent is now online!

Just wanted to share a link with you all regarding an article I wrote regarding babies and food allergies. This is not a topic you see much about but so many parents are concerned about what to look for and how to approach a potential food allergy in their babies.

We didn't find out about my daughter's allergy until she was a preschooler, (which is scary for different reasons) but I can't imagine how frightening it is to watch an infant go through anaphylaxis. Hopefully my article provides some direction for parents and will encourage people to pursue this with their doctors if they notice anything unusual.

If you are in the Chicago area, you can pick up a print version of this in many locations around the city, but for those who aren't, click this link! I was lucky enough to interview the head of pediatric allergy at Children's Memorial Hospital here in Chicago, and I appreciated her insights as well as the family of little Lucy who were interviewed about their experiences.

Of course, if you have any questions or medical concerns such as testing, etc., please talk to your pediatrician or allergist.

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Poker Chick said...

I guess we were lucky because we found out when mini was a baby. Eczema everywhere, months of trying to find out why. Finally one prick suggesting egg allergy, I eliminate eggs out of my diet to protect her breast milk, and voila! Clear skin within two days. It is a sign. Easier to get diagnosed that way than via ER visit.