Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Food Allergy News: Nut-Free Bakery Celebrating Christmas in July!

There was a LOT of buzz about nut-free bakeries and where to find them on my Nut-Free Mom Facebook page last week, so I'm very excited to share an exciting new promotion by one of my favorite peanut- and tree nut-free (egg-free and dairy-free) bakeries that ships across the U.S. (They also have a storefront in Los Ojos, California.)

Sweet Alexis bakery is celebrating "Christmas in July" by offering delicious and festive Christmas nut allergy-friendly cookies at a discounted rate of $19.95 per dozen (down from the usual price of $24.00/dozen).  This savings is available through e-mail reservation only, not available by ordering directly from the website. So you can reserve your Christmas cookies now at a reduced rate and Sweet Alexis will contact you the first week of December to get shipping information and payment info.

I love this idea from the awesome Michele Fellowes, owner of Sweet Alexis, because let's face it: when the holidays roll around, you're going to be very busy and in need of allergy-friendly sweets. Get it done now, and then you won't have to ask yourself later: what the heck am I bringing to that holiday party? You'll also save yourself some late night baking, panicked grocery shopping and stress. Works for me!

Here's how you can reserve your holiday cookies: Send an e-mail to info@sweetalexis.com and let them know how many 12-packs you would like to reserve and give them a reliable e-mail address where you can be reached. Then, sit back and wait to be contacted in December regarding shipping and payment. If you have any other questions about this promotion, please contact Sweet Alexis directly at info@sweetalexis.com. The offer is good until the end of the month.

Best of all, these cookies are fresh, preservative-free, beautifully decorated and delicious. You won't miss the "missing" ingredients of nuts, eggs, or dairy.

Thanks so much to Sweet Alexis for this promotion and Merry Christmas in July everybody!


Julia said...

What about those people whose holiday is not Christmas?

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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Jenny said...

Hi Julia.. I know that this bakery offers cookies for other winter holidays.. they are just having fun with the notion of Christmas in July. info@sweetalexis.com is their email if you want to contact them about alternative cookies.