Thursday, August 23, 2012

Peanut Allergy News: Nut-Free Bakery Alert! Nutphree's Cupcakes Grand Opening

Nutphree's new storefront in Mt. Prospect, IL.
Chicago-area nut-free cupcake lovers, rejoice! Nutphree's Cupcakes now has a new storefront open for business.
Many of you have told me you've ordered Nutphree's Cupcakes' tasty, nut-free treats online, but now you can visit their very first storefront location! Nutphree's has been a long time supporter of this site and I know this project has been in the works for awhile. A huge congratulations to the Walker family for this amazing achievement! Nutphree's even has delivery available throughout most Chicagoland locations. For more info on ordering and delivery, visit their web site.
Nutphree's luscious red velvet cupcake.
For those of you who miss enjoying the storefront bakery experience with your kids like I do: Imagine walking into a neighborhood bakery and emerging with delicious cupcakes that your allergic kiddos, family, and friends can enjoy together. If you've been dealing with both peanut and tree nut allergies for any length of time and living in the Chicago area (like me), this has been an impossible scenario-- until now. Nutphree's Cupcakes is the only dedicated, peanut-free AND tree nut-free storefront bakery in the Chicago area that sells cupcakes. No peanuts, no tree nuts and no ingredients with cross-contamination.
Nutphree's chocolate cupcake..decadence.
To celebrate their grand opening, Nutphree's Cupcakes is hosting a customer appreciation day this Saturday, August 25th, from 1-4! Here are the details: Nutphree's Cupcakes: 259 E. Rand Rd. Mount Prospect, IL, 60056 (847) 754-4320
Once again, congrats Nutphree's Cupcakes! If you live in the area, I hope that you will consider turning out this weekend and showing Nutphree's how much YOU appreciate their new, nut-free storefront bakery.


Gabli said...

This is a hop and a skip from our home! Super excited about this!!!!!

Laura said...

Do you know of any Chiicago area nut free bakeries that have more than cupcakes?

Jenny said...

Hi Laura, There is a cookie bakery called O'My Goodness Bakery in Lake Bluff, Illinois.

There is a kosher bakery called "Z's" bakery that is nut-free but free of other things as well. It's in Evanston and sells several items, though I don't know that they are all nut-free. I would check with them directly.

When I say "nut-free" I'm looking at tree nut and peanut-free, which is hard to find. That's why I love "Nutphree's" so much! :)