Friday, April 26, 2013

Nut-Free Supermarket Finds Friday: Skeeter Snacks

This week's Nut-Free Supermarket Finds Friday is Skeeter Snacks. Skeeter makes its four delicious cookie varieties in a dedicated, nut-free facility, making these cookies safe for peanut and tree nut allergies. (Check the ingredients; they contain other top 8 allergens.) Flavors are: Chocolate Chunk, Chocolate Cubed (for triple chocolate experience) -- this one is new, Golden Oatmeal and Skeeterdoodle, (a twist on the cookie classic, snickerdoodles, a delicious cinnamon sugar cookie.)

Skeeter Snacks reached out to its Facebook fans this week and asked them to show their support by purchasing their treats at the following supermarkets: Hannaford, Food Lion and Shop Rite. It's tough to get what is viewed as "specialty" items in supermarkets, but guess what: millions of us need these types of foods. Not just the families with allergies themselves, but also the people that we know: friends, families, sports teams, clubs, etc.

Many of you are already fans of these cookies, but for those of you new to this product, you can find the cookies in many stores throughout the U.S. See the company's web site for a store locator. You can also order online from Select Walmart stores carry Skeeter and you can also find them at Costco, Market Basket and other stores.

I love companies that take the worry and guesswork out of snacks and treats for us; no calling to find out if the item has cross-contact risk for nuts, etc. And that's rare in a cookie company. The dedicated nut-free facility approach saves so much time and SO MUCH confusion. Friends want to know what are safe cookies for your child? Skeeter Snacks has tried to solve that problem. In fact it was created by two dads who have kids with nut allergies, so they've been there! Best of all, the cookies are delicious for everyone, nut allergies or not!

If you are unable to find Skeeter in a store near you, you can let your supermarkets know that you would like these cookies stocked. Or in the case of stores that already carry these treats, let them know that you'd like to keep them in stock. Usually, the store will have a request form you can use; stop by the customer service desk.

 So if you like these cookies (and anyone I know who has tried them, has liked them. We LOVE the chocolate chip in this house), then please snap them up if you see them and if you don't see them, ask for them!

Thanks to Skeeter for a great product and for continuing their efforts to expand their presence in grocery stores, making it easier for families to find. They are also a valued sponsor of this site.

Where do you buy your Skeeter Snacks?

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Jennifer Buteau said...

Love these cookies! Cannot wait till I find them here in Massachusetts!