Friday, May 24, 2013

Nut-Free Supermarket Friday Find, Plus Memorial Day Weekend Party & Travel Tips

Grilling on the go with food allergies? A disposable instant grill to the rescue.
For Memorial Day Weekend, I'm featuring something a little different for Nut-Free Supermarket Finds Friday: a disposable instant grill. No, it's not a nut-free food but we can cook nut-free foods on it and it eliminates cross contact risk from shared or public grills. For example, marinades can have peanut or tree nut products or oils and if you have allergies to fish or other foods, you never know what was on the grill if you're away from home. I've even seen peanut shells inside public grills at the park. 
These handy little grills are available at Walmart, hardware stores and supermarkets. Here's a link to disposable grills sold at Walmart.
If you're looking for Memorial Day Weekend travel tips, party tips or recipes, then click this link to a past post where there are info and additional blog post links for all of the above!
I hope you all have a happy, safe and healthy Memorial Day holiday with your family and friends.

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