Thursday, June 5, 2008

All Moved In...Short Update

We've finally moved in to our new home as of late last week, so that's why this blog has been a bit "quiet."

Things have been busy, busy but I had a chance to visit the new school. It turns out that they have open campus for lunch, meaning that kids can opt to go home for lunch during the school day.

Since I work at home (and live very close to the school), this is a good option for my family. Of course, I still have loads of food allergy/medical info to fill out and submit to the school, and a meeting lined up with the school staff to discuss food allergies (their idea--I like that they are proactive) so I feel a bit relieved that I may have one allergy concern "off the table" as it were. (Please forgive the terrible pun). Also, I kind of like the fact that I can serve my daughter lunch at home if she would like me to.

I have never experienced "open campus" for lunch at elementary school before, either as a student or as a parent. Does anyone else have this choice? How has it worked for you?

Of course I'm still up to my eyeballs in boxes and dirty laundry, but I'm finally getting back into the swing of things. With our change in schools, I'm sure I will have a lot to report about our new challenges in the new school and neighborhood, so stay tuned!


Unknown said...

Welcome home, Jenny!

Jenny said...

Thanks, Christina!

It's been a long road but I'm finally getting settled in.