Thursday, June 12, 2008

We All Scream for Ice Cream...But Skip the Soft Serve

A recent post on Peanut Free Mama debated the merits of Baskin Robbins soft serve ice cream and the fact that BR stated that their soft serve did not contain nuts.

I posted that if the machine were "dedicated" to only one type of ice cream that it might be OK. Turns out I was overly optimistic.

Shortly after that I got my FAAN newsletter and there it was. A mom had written in to share that her 13-year-old (with a nut allergy) had a reaction to soft serve ice cream. The ice cream shop wasn't specified, but still. I'm steering clear and I'd ask all of you to do the same.

We've had luck with the packaged ice cream that is untouched by a "scoop" when visiting an ice cream parlor. That's what I'm sticking to.

In the meantime, I've yet to find a safe brand of "Blue Moon" ice cream at the supermarket, so I'm searching for a homemade recipe for my Cuisinart ice cream maker. This is one of my daughter's favorite flavors, but it can contain almond extract. I'm working on my own recipe for it and when I have one, I'll share it here.

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