Thursday, December 18, 2008

It's So Darn Cold...Some Questions Answered About the Activade Auto-Injector Pouch

Remember this protective Epi Pen pouch I blogged about awhile back? With the bitter cold in large parts of the country, I've had a few questions from readers about the thermal qualities of this pouch.

I e-mailed the company about this and this is what they had to say:

"The insulating properties of our Activeaide™ auto-injector pouches consist of a unique tri-layer construction which includes: An insulating thermo-silver inner liner, an insulating and shock absorbent foam and a tough, latex free outer layer We list this with a photo under FAQ's, here is the link:

They also wanted me to remind people that the pouch does not protect your Epi Pen overnight in a cold and/or hot car. Unless something has a heating and cooling system, eventually the item will be brought to the temperature of its environment. I view this pouch as I would an insulated lunch bag or Thermos and would treat it accordingly. I have been using it and I think it's great for car trips or outdoor activities--it does provide protection from the bone-chilling cold currently sweeping Chicago.

So in other words, use your common sense, but know that this pouch is going to protect your EpiPen from the elements longer than if you just placed it in a non-insulated bag.

Tomorrow I'll post two nut-free (one is egg and gluten-free) holiday cookie recipes and some more holiday party tips. See you then!!!


Elaine at Matters of the Heart) said...

Can't wait for the recipe's.. I always love yours. Just got some stuff from Vermont, so we will be ready to bake this weekend...

Anonymous said...

thanks Jenny, that is odd, how come they don't reply my emails? maybe they did not get it?
again, appreciate it.

Jenny said...

I think I got a quicker reply because I had the name of a "go-to" person at the company.

But even she apologized in the delay for getting back to me--she said they are being deluged with Christmas orders. Actually, these things make a nice gift!