Monday, December 15, 2008

Secretary of Food--We Need It for More Reasons than They Think

I read this interesting OpEd piece in the NY Times last week that proposed the need for a "Secretary of Food" in the new Presidential administration.

Well, yeah. We could really use one. And not only because agriculture is suffering, as outlined in the piece.

What about all of this craziness with food labeling? Clearly, the FDA is letting things slide, as we've all seen through recent news reports. Plus, the needs of the population are changing with regard to food. Food allergies are rising with alarming speed, as we all know. And there is research being done to determine if certain foods aggravate or even cause forms of autism. What about genetically-engineered foods? These are all new things that we deal with.

Of course, with the hard-hit economy, people are also going hungry. So yes, I would agree that time and talent needs to be devoted to food in the world we find ourselves living in these days.

I would love it if I knew that special effort were being devoted to the many ways that our consumption and production of food has changed. What do you all think?

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Anonymous said...

I saw that last week in the Columbus Dispatch and followed the links to read more and sign the petition. I agree with all you completely.