Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Not So Nutty--A Wonderful Rebuttal to the L.A. Times OpEd

Allergic Girl's blog had this link posted yesterday, an elegant, well-written and straightforward rebuttal of the Joel Stein OpEd piece in the L.A. Times last week. The author of the article is an Allergic Girl personal friend.

The author's description of dining out with Mr. Stein and other writer colleagues while she was in college just makes me cringe. She states that then she felt inhibited to discuss her nut allergies with the waitstaff because she hates to broadcast her allergy to anyone she doesn't know and was especially intimidated by his "famous writer" status. Little did she know he wasn't worth the self-consciousness.

Bravo to her for a great piece!

Incidentally, I contacted FAAN and they told me that they are collaborating with their medical board on a rebuttal to the L.A. Times OpEd that will run later this week. I'll keep you posted.