Friday, July 23, 2010

Food Allergy Awareness Made Fun--AllerMates!

Have you heard about AllerMates? This fun and practical line of rubber bracelets, dog tags and an upcoming line of allergy charms was featured in the most recent issue of Chicago's Special Parent magazine.

I hate to bring up back-to-school in the height of summer, but it's coming and since the fad for rubber bracelets doesn't look like it's fading anytime soon, AllerMates provide a great way for kids to remind others of their allergy. These would also be helpful on a play date or at daycare.

The AllerMates website also has fun and silly info about each character, such as "Eggie" and "P. Nutty."

If you've already tried these, let us know how you like them!

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Anonymous said...

Just placed an order for these!! Thanks for telling us about it! We've looked at a lot of options but these are very toddler and boy friendly (plus economical). DS is 3 and is starting to do enough things in a large group or w/o me that this is a great reminder to the other adults. When he gets in elementary school, we'll look for something else, but right now, these are perfect! Will let you know what we think of them and the company soon!