Thursday, August 12, 2010

Food Allergy News: Allergic Living Responds to Joel Stein

I promise I am not devoting this blog to the people who denigrate food allergies, but I wanted to share this link to Allergic Living Magazine's response to Joel Stein's latest Time Magazine article. In my Tuesday post, I shared the news that Mr. Stein wrote a story that discusses his baby son's recent nut allergy diagnosis. Turns out he found out the way most of us find out--by rushing to the ER watching a child in the middle of an anaphylactic reaction. When applied to other parents, this event was hilarious to him just a year and a half ago, but not so much now that he's taken a trip to the ER with his own precious child.

Read what always enlightening editor Gwen Smith has to say.

And of course, here is the link to Joel Stein's recent Time magazine article: "Aw, Nuts!" Ironically, Mr. Stein is now in the target audience for this blog--his son apparently has a tree nut allergy, not sure about peanuts, but definitely tree nuts including pistachioes. My daughter is also severely allergic to pistachioes and my blog is devoted to all types of nut allergies, not just peanuts. Wow. Who woulda thought we'd have something so vital in common?

Tomorrow I will return to my regularly scheduled blogging. But I thought an update was appropriate, since many of you have strong feelings about the Stein articles and their fallout.


dannyscotland said...

What a horrible shame that it took a reaction from his son to make him realize how thoughtless and cold-hearted he was being. Hopefully, he will learn a lesson that he can expand to other areas of his life. I was glad to see that he has expressed his regret fairly well; his words at the end seemed genuine.

Susan said...

Have you thought about checking your local library for the magazine? That's where I found it. Working there helped a little. ;-)

Elizabeth Goldenberg, Onespot Allergy said...

Hi Jenny,
The link to the original article by Mr. Stein is here:,0,3149168.column
We're lucky to have him with us in the food allergy community. He has over a million Twitter followers and he writes for Time magazine - What a great opportunity this is to raise awareness.

Jenny said...

Thanks for the library tip--I'm headed over there later today. I would have been there yesterday but am wrapping up back-to-school and extracurricular registration, med forms and such. August is so busy!

Elizabeth, I have the link the original article in my previous post, thank you. I'm not so sure JS is a great addition to the FA community but we're stuck with him (if he chooses to use a food allergy platform) and he with us. :)

Michelle said...

It's online now:,9171,2007417,00.html