Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Sunbutter Video Contest! Peanut Allergy and Tree Nut Allergy-Friendly!

Sunbutter peanut-free, tree-nut free sunflower seed spread came into my life a few months ago and now I wonder how my family ever lived without it. For years our house has been a no peanut butter zone.

Now, with Sunbutter, we've got an even better (I think) alternative to good ol' peanut butter. It's also even better for you than peanut butter, with less fat. My nut-allergic daughter likes the chunky version of Sunbutter with whole sunflower seeds and so does her little sister; my husband and I pretty much enjoy every version! I also like to substitute Sunbutter for peanut butter in recipes. It's a great swap and delivers great flavor.

If your kids enjoy Sunbutter, that simple fact can win your family some prizes because I just got word that Sunbutter is hosting its first-ever video contest! Just record your child enjoying a Sunbutter snack and submit it to enter. Here is the link to find out more!
Please help spread the word (no pun intended) about this great new contest from delicious and nutritious Sunbutter!

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Lindsay said...

I love SunButter too! I was actually going to post it as my "Thankful Thursday" post tomorrow. :) I just discovered it last week, and I've only tried the natural kind. So yummy!