Friday, October 22, 2010

Food Allergies Common and Growing Says LA Times

Some of you may have read this article based on a study by Johns Hopkins University, but if you haven't, check it out, here.

According to the story, one of the most common food allergies is to peanuts. Other studies have shown that tree nut allergies have grown right alongside peanut allergy. (The article doesn't mention tree nut allergy, but other sources have noted this connection.) So if people try to tell you that no one had a peanut allergy when they were a kid so therefore, they can't really be so numerous (an illogical argument to begin with), you can point them to this story.

I'm glad the LA Times reported on this increase because food allergies are altering the landscape of everything regarding eating: agriculture, restaurants, prepared food products, grocery stores, even how items are displayed before purchase due to cross-contact concerns.

Besides just your own family members (or yourself) do you find more people you meet either have a food allergy, know someone with one or care for a child with a food allergy? In my own experience, I've found this to be increasingly true in the last five years. What about you?


dannyscotland said...

Curious if you have heard anything about a link to infant Zantac or acid reflux medicine. A friend said she'd heard that and I wondered if you had.

Jenny said...

No, I haven't read about a link to infant Zantac or acid reflux medicine. If you find a link, let us know!

Kate said...

perhaps anecdotal evidence is worthless, but oh my gosh YES! I have noticed an increase. I do not think it is just b/c my daughter has food allergies and therefore I am more attuned to hearing about these things. From a small simple book club I was in a while back, 3 of us now have children with food allergies. At least 2 people on my floor at work have children with food allergies. I can name so many former friends or acquaintances that now have friends with food allergies, that it makes me wonder if it's something demographic. What common experience did we all share that led to this? Who knows.

And to dannyscotland - I had not heard that. And not that my 1 data point is any indication, but my daughter has multiple food allergies but never took Zantac or any other acid reflux medication.

Minivan Mama said...

Going through my kids preschool you can see the signs up when there is a peanut allergy. Just about every room has one now.