Monday, March 7, 2011

Food Allergy Book Launch: My Review of "Allergic Girl" by Sloane Miller

Today I’m reviewing Sloane Miller’s book, “Allergic Girl” to coincide with her official book launch! I first became aware of this talented writer and devoted food allergy advocate a few years ago following my daughter’s nut allergy diagnosis. Over the years, I’ve followed Sloane’s terrific blog, Please Don’t Pass the Nuts, and have received a lot of comfort, advice and tips from her online chronicle of what it’s like to live with severe food allergies to many foods including tree nuts and fish.

When I heard that Sloane had a book coming out, I was thrilled to know that this topic is getting the attention it deserves and that she was contributing her voice in this way. Sloane’s approach towards living with food allergies has been inspirational to me and to so many others. Her book, “Allergic Girl: Adventures in Living Well with Food Allergies” is a wonderful resource, akin to having a friend guide you through the pitfalls of allergic living.

I have been privileged to correspond with Sloane over the years about various food allergy issues and she is always ready with great advice. And, hey, check out page 64-65—she was kind enough to include my input about families and food allergies.

One of the great things about "Allergic Girl" the book is that it outlines how to live without food allergies preventing you from what you want to do. I’ve found this so comforting because as a parent, that’s what I want for my daughter.

In “Allergic Girl: Adventures in Living Well with Food Allergies” Sloane discusses the medical aspects of food allergies but to my mind, she covers an equally important aspect: the social issues of food allergies. Her book discusses everything from how to get a safe dining out experience, to dealing with family members and friends, holidays and social events. She also covers previously un-discussed topics like dating with food allergies—yes, she goes there. And even though my child isn’t old enough to date (she’s 11—that time will be here, sooner than I probably think), it is helpful to hear from someone who has dealt successfully with the many challenges a food-allergic adult has to deal with.

Other topics covered include: How to find the best allergist and get a correct diagnosis; how to create positive relationships with family, friends and food; and how to build a safe environment wherever you are.

If you are a food-allergic adult, this is a must-read handbook for your life. If you are the parent or family member of an allergic child, “Allergic Girl” will give you both important resources and hope for the future. Warm, witty and knowledgeable, Sloane is a great food allergy advocate and I wish her all the success in the world with this book.

Thanks again to Sloane for hosting a book giveaway on this blog just recently! I hope you will all check out “Allergic Girl: Adventures in Living Well with Food Allergies,” now available on and in many bookstores.

FTC Note: I received a reviewer's copy of the book.

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