Friday, March 4, 2011

Peanut Allergy News: Safety Tattoos for Kids

One of my Facebook page readers asked me about the safety of temporary tattoos with regard to food allergies (they are generally not a problem unless your child has allergies to colored dyes and inks) and I remembered these safety tattoos. If you're looking for a fun way to keep your child safe, this is nice in addition to a kids food allergy bracelet. These tattoos are perfect for camp or other events where your child may not be as well known. Here's my original post:

If ever I needed proof that nut allergies are on the rise and that nut-allergic consumers are on companies' radar screens, this is it. I just received a One Step Ahead catalog that contains "Safety Tattoos with a Purpose" for young children. In addition to tattoos that can be personalized to include kids phone numbers, they also sell tattoos that say "No Nuts, Please!" The tattoo has a peanut in a red circle with a line through it--the universal symbol for "not allowed."

What a great product for those of us with very young children who can't always communicate their allergy needs when out and about. I can envision using these on field trips or special outings with preschoolers or toddlers. The temporary tattoos then wipe off when they're no longer needed.

No one wants to single their kids out in a negative way, but products like this seem almost as fun for kids to use as they are useful. I don't know about you but my kids have always loved temporary tattoos.

The customer service number is: 1-800-279-8440. They are a busy company, so you may need to call a few times before you reach a live person! :)


Elizabeth said...

Our child's allergist recommended a medic alert bracelet. They have many fashionable styles now. They also have emergency info on the back in case my child gets lost or is unable to communicate. Any child that needs an Epi-Pen should wear one of these.

Jenny said...

Yes, I believe I mentinon in the post that these are nice in addition to an allergy bracelet, not instead of of allergy bracelet. I would always advocate wearing an allergy bracelet for a severely allergic person.

These are a nice "extra" for kids to use and easily noticeable for kids at events or gatherings. :)

Bubble Child said...

I grew up with a deadly nut allergy that I discovered after going into anaphylactic shock at the age of 10 from a Brazil nut. I NEVER left the house without my medic alert bracelet, and it saved my life many a times and after many an offering of peanut butter cookie that could have been easily misconstrued for sugar cookie when I was a kid.
Thanks for posting this article!!!!

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