Friday, August 5, 2011

Back to School with Food Allergies: Helpful Links and Resources!

Back to school time is right around the corner for many of us, so I've compiled a list of links to help get you on track for a great year.

I've included links for preschool, elementary school, parties, play dates, etc. Some of the articles first appeared on this blog, some I wrote for other publications and the last one quoted me as a source. :)

I hope you find these to be helpful!

Preschool and day care tips Nut-Free Mom blog post

Elementary school checklist Nut-Free Mom blog post

Back to school with food allergies article for Chicago Parent magazine (by Jenny Kales)

Play dates and birthday parties with food allergies Chicago Parent magazine by Jenny Kales

Back to School with Food Allergies Real Simple magazine

FAAN Back to School Tips


Anonymous said...

thank you!

Anonymous said...

Thanks so much for your advocacy and for this article! I'm not quite sure how I (never mind my PN allergic son!) would have survived without the Nut-Free Mom Blog.

Here's another article that I found helpful even though my son is in third grade: A Mom's Guide - Registering Your Food Allergic Child for Kindergarten.

Jenny said...

Barbara, thank you for the kind words and the link!