Monday, February 6, 2012

Food Allergy News: Valentine's Day Chocolate Treats and Tips

Valentine's Day and food allergies don't always mix, what with all the candy, chocolate and bakery items that are off-limits to those with food allergies. Peanut and tree nut warnings are on so many basic Valentine's Day chocolates, especially.

Click this link to see a post I wrote last year about Valentine's Day chocolate goodness available nut-free and online. But order now if you want your goodies in time! Please also note: I state in this post that it's a good idea to avoid supermarket chocolate. That is still generally true, but some of that is changing. Check the labels of your favorite items for new/different allergen info.

I'd like to add another nut-free chocolate company to the list I compiled in the link above: Dean's Sweets, one of my new NFM site sponsors. I discovered them late last year and a box of their chocolates would make a great Valentine's Day gift, especially for the grownups. Forget Fannie May, these are awesome AND nut-free.

What about class parties and Valentine's Day with food allergies? I talk about that here.

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