Friday, June 28, 2013

In the News: Food Allergies, Nut Allergies and Summer Travel

Earlier this week, quoted me and others (like Anaphylaxis Canada) in a story about food allergies, celiac disease and travel. The story focused on international travel and it had some good information. For example, it looks like many European countries are getting on board with accommodating allergies and celiac disease. You can read the full story by clicking this link. Thanks to the author of this story--she has food allergies herself, so she wanted to spread awareness. I appreciate that she included my remark about not letting allergies hold you back. True, some destinations are better than others, but if you're willing to be flexible, travel with food allergies is something you can incorporate into your life with relative ease.

In the spirit of the season, I gathered links to some of blog posts I've written about travel in the summer.

Here are two links about summer travel including some tips on managing allergies at your destination. Click here and here for these articles.
Regarding air travel with nut allergies: I discuss a spring break trip and how we dealt with the airlines. Click here for that story.
If you have not seen AllergyEats, check it out! It is nationwide (U.S. only) free site that provides peer-reviewed food allergy restaurant advice. You can narrow it down by city, state and multiple food allergens. Even if you don't see a review on a restaurant, you will see what is at your destination and can begin researching. I've used this site and it's very helpful.
One thing I strongly suggest is to have access to a kitchen or even a small refrigerator at your destination whenever possible. That way, you can serve your child safe breakfast or lunch without a lot of searching for "something safe" when everybody's stomach is rumbling and the family is starving. The little 'fridge is a big stress-saver.

If you want a quick link to the food allergy policies on airlines, check the right sidebar of my site for a link to Allergic Living magazine's excellent guide.

What works for you when you travel? Share your tips with us.

For more on coping with nut allergies in general, click here.


B Horn said...

Some great tips, thanks. :) I just ordered a Plane Sheet for my son (peanut/tree nut allergic) for our first overseas trip to the US this September. We've done national plane trips, but never overseas before, so I am more than a little nervous. I also try and get onboard first and wipe down his whole area with quite strong kitchen wipes (ones that tackle lots of grease!), make sure he's by the window (online seat booking beforehand) and that we're the only people in his line of seats. He also wears very thin gloves while onboard as much as he can for when he has to move around the cabin to use the restrooms etc. We also pack a full 24hrs worth of food for him (in case of delays) and have some extra food in each of our 4 bits of cabin luggage, just in case one bag gets lost. We also have some in the suitcases, just in case we're too tired to go check out the local supermarkets when we get there, and he can at least have something when we get to our (self-catering) destination. :)

Anonymous said...

Jenny - just found this place in Chicago and can't wait to try!

Gratefulfoodie said...

Not only is this a GREAT post, but good job on being mentioned in the news story as well.

I often need to explain to my family that I much as I enjoy visiting them, the work to be down in preparing and while there is enormous. If I am looking for real R&R, then I need to be in a rental home or somewhere with cooking facilities so that I can truly rest.

Thanks yet another wonderful and power piece of information.