Tuesday, January 13, 2009

January 14th FDA Deadline...and a Short Peanut Butter Story

You only have until tomorrow to submit your comments about the current "May contains" FDA food labeling, so if you haven't commented yet, now's your chance! Click here for the form.

Please consider doing this! Your voice is so important and it's rare that our government actually asks the public for their opinions on this issue.

Also, from my "You Can't Be Too Careful" files, check this one out: My daughter went sledding with a new friend last weekend and then she was supposed to go "meet" her friend's new dog at the girl's house.

As they drove away from the sledding hill and started discussing the new puppy, both the little girl and her mom realized that the dog (at the vet's suggestion) had its toys covered in peanut butter in order to lure it into its cage. They all agreed it would be better for my daughter not to visit the dog until it and the house were not so "peanutty." Thank goodness for that...my daughter didn't really even mind. She was happy they thought of it.

Never in my life would I have thought that a dog would be eating peanut butter!!! Have any of you ever heard of this one???

It just goes to show--you've got to bring this up with every parent no matter what the activity! My solution for this is to host the majority of play dates at our house...but of course we don't have the allure of a new dog (though we're being lobbied for one as I write this.) I think it's important to let your (older) children go out on their own--just be ready for anything.

Another disaster averted! Just another day in the life for us nut-free parents, right?


Kelsey said...

Lots of dog treats are peanut butter flavored (even some bones) and some even contain real PB. We gave our dog peanut butter all the time before my daughter was diagnosed with a severe peanut allergy. I felt a little sorry for him when we had to stop doing that! I also never let my daughter touch other dog's toys. She once had a contact reaction from a dog licking her and I'm sure it was because of something the dog ate.

We are learning, as well, never to make any assumptions when it comes to PA.

I have been reading your site for a while and really appreciate the way you share information and advocate for those with PA. I'm grateful for your voice in the online community.

(I have a blog as well, but it is not allergy focused.)

Anonymous said...

When our labs were young, we had several of the Kong toys that were rubber, tubular things that you put peanut butter inside. I would never have thought of the danger in that either. There was probably peanut butter residue all over those dogs, the house, us.
Avoiding gluten is so much easier and not so dangerous. Everytime I feel weighed down by my life, I come over here and see what you go through. Keep on getting the word out. You are saving lives here.

Unknown said...

I had heard about the PB thing for dogs somewhere, so my 5 y.o. is trained to always ask before he pets "Has your dog eaten any peanuts or peanut butter? I have a peanut allergy." All the moms bring their dogs to pick-up at the end of school in good weather, so he gets lots of practice! Good thing too--he's a dog fanatic!

Jenny said...

I knew about the danger of nuts in other types of pet food, but not for dogs.

I haven't had a dog for years now, and when I did I didn't have any kids with food allergies, so I wouldn't have been alert.

Thanks for chiming in everybody--just one more thing to watch out for.

Mary G. said...

We stopped the dog treats for our dog once we discovered our daughter's peanut allergy. However, that is a great reminder to ask about other people's dogs!

celiacmama said...

Oh my word I would never have thought of that!! I will now be more vigilent around dogs and ask questions..

Anonymous said...

thanks for bringing this up--I read on another blog somewhere about a child having severe reaction after a strategic lick to the face!