Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Birthday Party Blues

Is it me, or is there a birthday party every weekend? I mean, I have nothing against celebrations of any kind, but when families are working and busy, it can get kind of crazy.

Most parents feel obligated to have their child attend any party they are invited to but I think some of us do it with a less-than-cheerful attitude. After all, don't parents deserve a weekend to just have a tiny bit of R&R?

As the parent of a child with life-threatening food allergies, I have to weigh each invitation a little more carefully than I would otherwise. There could be any number of reasons that we skip a party, not always because of food allergy issues. But I would be lying if it I said it doesn't play a role. Of course, sometimes we just can't go. And if my daughter really wants to attend, we make sure that she does.

Still, I've always had the nagging suspicion that if my daughter were free of food allergies, birthday party worries would be non-existent.

Turns out I'm wrong! I was reading a Chicago Moms Blog that is cross-linked to the DC Moms Blog (I know, it's a little confusing) the other day and the topic of discussion was birthday parties. Specifically, birthday parties that occur during the week. The moms were debating whether or not these birthday parties were designed to exclude the "working moms." They also complained about the inconvenience of too many birthday party invitations not necessarily being a welcome thing. On that one, I hear ya, sisters.

Doesn't matter if you're a "Nut-Free Mom" or not. Birthday parties aren't always a piece of cake for busy parents, no matter what the situation. Whew! It's not just me.

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