Friday, July 30, 2010

Nut-Free Bakery in Chicago! Cafe Twist Is Delish!

We've been planning to visit Cafe Twist--Kim & Scott's Gourmet Pretzel Cafe since it opened this past May and are we glad we did! Even our overheated and subsequently towed car couldn't stand in our way--the car chose to break down just one block from Cafe Twist, so while my wonderful husband waited with the car, my sister and I brought my two girls to Cafe Twist, a nut-free bakery and resto in Chicago. (And of course we brought back some goodies for Dad.)

The reason for our trek to Lincoln Park? Cafe Twist is a nut-free gourmet pretzel cafe that offers sandwiches and cookies made in a nut-free environment. This kid-friendly cafe serves NO peanut butter, but uses Sunbutter instead for one sandwich choice. They are also very allergy aware and allergy-friendly--in fact, a mural on the wall states "allergy aware."

What's especially delicious about the sandwiches at Cafe Twist is that each sammy is made using a warm gourmet soft pretzel. My kids are soft pretzel fanatics so this is a big treat for them!

My oldest daughter got a ham and cheese pretzel sandwich and my youngest opted for the pretzel dog--essentially a hot pretzel wrapped around a hot dog. Pretty ingenious and delicious!

I asked for clarification on some of the items and while they do offer granola for a breakfast item, it is nut-free (though made in a facility with nuts.) The cookies are also safe and nut-free.

Cafe Twist also offers scooped ice cream and while I didn't notice any nut flavors, we don't do scooped ice cream as a rule so that wasn't an issue for us that day.

I know that some of us deal with allergies other than peanuts and tree nuts, but a nut-free cafe is definitely a step in the right direction. It was a great feeling for my nut-allergic daughter to know that she was in an environment that was safe for her and that she could have the baked goods she wanted. As we know, baked goods are a no-no for people with nut allergies as a rule. To wrap up their massive meal, my oldest asked for a chocolate stuffed pretzel and the youngest wanted the cinnamon stuffed pretzel.

My youngest daughter was amazed by the cafe because "I didn't know you could do so many things with pretzels!" Turns out you can. They even have pretzels that kids can twist themselves and then have baked.

So if you've got kids with nut allergies, please visit the fabulous Cafe Twist and tell your friends and relatives! I love to support these places because in this economy, especially, we've got to show them that nut-free is loved, appreciated and NEEDED.

Thanks to Kim & Scott's Cafe Twist for a great meal that put smiles on all of our faces that day, even my husband, despite the car breakdown.


Kelsey said...

Sounds like a wonderful place! I will have to keep that in mind if we're ever in the Chicago area - I would love to support a place like that and wish there were more allergy friendly eateries in our area.

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for telling us about this place!!! It sounds wonderful.