Friday, August 20, 2010

CBC News - Canada - What teachers and parents should know about severe food allergies

As many of you already know, I really love Allergic Living magazine. The editor, Gwen Smith, recently shared her expertise in this story for Canadian news. CBC News - Canada - What teachers and parents should know about severe food allergies

Even if you don't live in Canada, the tips included in this story are excellent, including ways to discuss food allergies with non-allergic families. From suggestions on communicating with schools to grocery shopping when you're handed a list of restricted foods, Ms. Smith covers it all.

Also, my inbox is filling up with back-to-school questions as the Big Day draws closer. If you do a search on my blog using keyword "School" many previous posts filled with tips will come up for you. I've written on preschool, daycare and elementary school, so I hope there is info that you can use. If not, please let me know and I'll be sure to address your questions!

I also know that many people are anxious right now (and believe me, I always am too. Though it gets a little better each year.) I believe that anxiety can work for us, forcing us to make sure we have the things we need to protect our child. So use your anxiety to your advantage! You're going to experience it anyway, might as well get something positive out of it. :)

I'll post more about coping with food allergy parental anxiety at a later date, but first let's get through the beginning of the school year! Good luck everybody and keep checking back for more school year tips and advice.

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Kelsey said...

I just printed copies of this article for our nurse, teacher, and principal - I think education goes a long way and any opportunity to raise awareness helps my daughter and others living with food allergies.