Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Food Allergy Fears and How to Manage Them: Allergic Living Magazine

The day after a food-filled holiday like Halloween is a good time to reflect on handling food allergies in a way that makes your child aware, but not fearful.

I love this article from Allergic Living magazine that addresses the fear factor inherent in dealing with food allergies and how parents can manage it.

I know a lot of you are new to nut allergies and you may be wondering how/when to get the point across to your kids. This article gives some helpful advice and great perspective and it shares the philosophy that I have which is to make sure that kids understand the real risk and not be overly concerned about their allergies while still maintaining a healthy respect for them.

I hope we all enjoyed a safe Halloween and I'm sure learned a thing or two about how to make it go more smoothly next year if there were any bumps in the road.

The winter holidays are coming up with their many food challenges so let's take today, at least, to enjoy the relative quiet!


DabFam! said...

Thanks so much for sharing this link. I have a lot of work to do for managing my fear of my son's food allergies. I actually suffered my first panic attack en route to the FAAN conference in Chicago this year. So instead of meeting my favorite food allergy bloggers and mentors and learning more about food allergies, I spent the day in the emergency room. The nurses actually thought I was a speaker at the conference, thus the panic attack. I contributed it to close to the end of preschool and thoughts of upcoming full day kindergarten with lunchtime and my son getting evaluated for asthma/chronic cough. I just was not managing stress so well. Thanks for all you do. You truly are a gift to the food allergy community.

Tanya said...

Great article!! Thanks for sharing