Saturday, March 23, 2013

Peanut Allergy and Tree Nut Allergy-Safe Easter Ideas for Parents!

Easter is coming up soon, so here is a roundup of peanut allergy and nut allergy safe links from past blog posts.

Looking for last-minute Easter basket ideas? Click this link for some of my favorites.

Confession time: Last year, I had I wanted to share my egg-shaped SunButter cups with you all, but while the taste was amazing, my SunButter eggs would not come out of my "deviled egg dish" without breaking. Lesson learned: you need paper liners to make SunButter cups! I am not even including the picture of this disaster, as it looks unappetizing (though my kids dug each SunButter cup egg out of the dish with a spoon and eating them with glee!)

So I am pretty thrilled to share this great recipe with you: Chocolate-Dipped SunButter Eggs. I found this recipe on Pinterest, so hopefully you (and I) will have greater luck this year!

Are you serving or attending a family brunch at a family home on Easter? Here is my recipe for old-fashioned sour cream coffee cake--I skip the traditional nut topping for a streusel that's nut-free. This one is a big hit with everyone and it's pretty easy to make.

And speaking of family homes, it's not always easy to navigate holiday parties. Here is a post that talks about how to safely enjoy holiday parties with food allergies.


Patty said...

Just went to a community Easter egg hunt and were prepared to follow our usual protocol of sorting -and mostly tossing out--all the candy from the Easter eggs. To our great surprise, all the candy in the Easter eggs was peanut and tree nut free! You can imagine the joy my son (and daughter, who often throws out her candy to show support for her brother) felt when he realized he could eat the candy! It was such a thrill, and I immediately wrote a letter bestowing heaps of praise on the event organizers. How refreshing to be a part of a community event that is sensitive to this issue. Progress, progress! I only wish Halloween were this easy!

Elizabeth, blogging for SunButter said...

Hi Jenny,
Thanks for another winning post with valuable info! I do have a mental image of your SunButter cups that makes me smile. hee hee Have a lovely Easter!

Sarah Jane @ The Fit Cookie said...

Thanks so much for sharing my SunButter Easter egg recipe! :)

Latha @ Columbus Allergist said...

Definitely adding those eggs to my easter menu. Thanks for posting!